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Hey lovelies,

How have you all been. How is the new year  treating you all. Am sorry for my brief absence. Dnt even ask me about it.December was brutal. i still hav no broadband connection and life without internet is unimaginable, anyways enough with my ranting. I hope you all had a lovely new year and lets all make this year awesome for everyone.

As you all know it’s the sale season.i see so many people shopping but still they don’t end up saving much. That made me want to write this post asap.i will be sharing few dos and don’ts  of sale shopping that I have  learnt through the years.

Number 1:

Never go shopping hungry or in a hurry.if you dnt take your time go through the entire collection then its likely u will end up with a not so great deal. Also don’t go shopping right after a big meal. of course you will be bloated and you will either hate everything because it doesn’t fit u right or you will end up buying wrong size.


If you want a really good deal go shopping a week or two into the sale. Also if you have a favorite store you can ask them in advance when they have stock coming in and go the very next day. Shopping at the right time is what makes you a pro at sale shopping if that’s even a thing.

Number  3:

Always try on and then buy. don’t  just grab something and walk because it’s on sale or cheap. Buy things that you love and you are sure that you will wear it. it’s your money, the whole point of shopping during sale is to save not to waste on things that you won’t even wear.

Number 4

Buy basics, I cannot stress this enough. buy all your basic needs like jeans, solid color tops, black leggings that you wear million times,socks,underwear,bags and comfy shoes. All  those things which you will wear  throughout the next season. Don’t just buy pretty cute dress which you know that you will never wear.

Number 5

There are few things that I only buy on sale. One among them  is skin care from the body shop. I absolutely love the body shop products but I find it to be  a little overpriced. So I always stock up on their products when there is a sale. And it will last me till next season sale. Also homeware,it’s a bliss to buy homeware during sale.

I hope some of these above this  helped you

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