Max your look ft.maxIndia

In our lives there are so many firsts and this is one of my first. My first styling event for a brand which still feels overwhelming and am thankful for all my supporters and well wishers.

So as we all know max is one of the most affordable brands in India and i was challenged by them to create as many looks as possible from their autumn winter collection. And style few of their customers at the store. I created a total of 5 looks covering every aspect. The casual day to night look this party season, easy travel look, the comfortable ethic look, new years eve super glam look, casual going out look.


                                                                                                                  am to pm look

                                                                                                          airport ready

                                                                                                           easy ethnic look


new year’s eve look on a customer


casual work day look on a customer


casual outing with the girls kinda look styled on a customer

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