Mamagoto-Hawker’s Hall Menu

Hey lovlies get ready to have a foodcoma, hehe by the end of this blog post am sure you guys will be drooling. I was invited by mamagoto to try their new special menu inspired by Hawker’s halls around Asia.


What is a Hawker’s Hall ?

Hawker hall or hawker centre are food courts in Asian countries. Mostly, these are individually owned food stalls under one roof and they share the seating. I love going to hawker halls whenever i travel because it is cheap and you get to try so many different amazing local foods under one roof. There is no such thing as a hawker hall cuisine, every country has its own local dishes. around Asia, Singapore has the best Hawker halls.

so, when i got the invite from Mamagoto I knew what to expect. Their menu consisted dishes from Thailand,malaysia,korea and vietnam. I tried some of them and i was little disappointed that their menu had no drinks or dessert option. which we had to choose from their regular menu. I was expecting some real nice teh(milk tea), thai iced coffee or even some dumplings . But, never the less we had a hearty meal.

Firstly, We were served the rice crispies with some red chilli paste and soy sauce. For the drinks we ordered my most fav cranberry infused tender coconut water and pineapple infused tender coconut water. Then the dishes from Hawker’s menu arrived one by one.

Thai Puchka Bites:

It might look like pani poori but tatses nothing like that, the poori was stuffed with peanuts,onions,lime and betel leaf. Yes, you read it right betel leaf. it was too powering for me so i removed the betel leaf and i loved it. it was served with a lemony peanut sauce in a bed of desiccated coconut and sugar.

Surfer’s Lunch:

Dish made with tempura shrimps(deep fried) tossed in a creamy coconut sauce, topped with peanuts and some tamarind sauce too. Unfortunately, i cannot eat shrimp but still i tried it and i loved the coconut sauce. anyone who loves shrimp will love this dish. It was sweet and sour in taste and not at all oily.


Mekong Boat Chicken Curry:

This one was a very interesting dish inspired from the Mekong boats in Vietnam i suppose. The rice noodle nest was very similar to Idiyapam but different, the chicken curry it was served with was made with coconut, tamarind and peanuts. It tasted very similar to the South Indian tamarind curries and the chicken was so sour and sweet which we enjoyed with the rice noodle nest. The presentation was clearly a winner.


The epic korean bibimbap was the best among all the dishes. But was slightly on the sweeter side. the rice was well cooked in bibimbap sauce and beautifully served with steamed carrot, zucchini, mushroom, spinach, chicken, sprouts, sesame seeds and topped with a egg yolk which was fully cooked but i was expecting a sunny side up. The portion size was good too .

Banoffee pie:

We completed our meal with the infamous mamagoto banoffee pie. almost like a deconstructed pie with a layer of crust, the banana caramel and fresh cream on top. i need not say anything anymore. It was amazing.

What I wore

I wore this ankle length maxi dress from lifestyle melange’s color me range. I absolutely love this range, so affordable and comfortable for this summer. Also, it hides the food baby hehe. The backpack and flats are from forever 21.



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