Hi tea – at Desi Klub

Recently climate in chennai is very unreliable and you never know when it will rain. Almost every evening it is expected to pour. but one good thing about evening rains are the cool cozy tea time, for me its more of a coffee time. most favourite time of the day. when i was invited by desi klub to try their all new high tea menu. honestly i was little skeptical. since they serve dinchak food. i didn’t know what to expect. Desi Klub is one of those places where you can spend hours chit chatting with friends biting into amazing veg street food. it makes sense for them to introduce a hi tea menu.

What is served at hi tea ?

samosa,papad bhel,3p’s peri peri pakoda,kanda bhaji,sev poori,baked vada pav,sabudhana vada,pav maska with chai or coffee. please check their zomato page for more information.



I absolutely loved everything. the bake vada pav is basically bun stuffed with potato filling, so divine. pakoda was so crispy and tasted very home made, the samosa sandwich was an interesting concept, bhel puri was like a palette cleanser after all the spicy hot dishes, and the best part of the hi tea was the maska bun for me, am dieing to go back there and have it to my heart’s content again. I have to mention their cutting mint chai and the black coffee which they made just for me even though it was not on the menu.

Overall the new hi tea menu is a must try.

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